Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Givin' this blog mouth-to-mouth...

This is stolen from my sister. But that's OK because she stole it from someone else. Apparently, we are both thieves.

Outside my window...scattered leaves and a stray croquet ball from this summer.

I am thinking...I want to be a person who lets people know they are loved and important.

I am thankful for...each day God gives me.

From the learning rooms...more Civil War. Be patient with me. It was a long war.

From the kitchen...a spoon of peanut butter. Later on, spaghetti.

I am wearing...mismatched pajama top and pants. Floral flannel on the bottom and brown cotton trimmed with light blue lace on the top. It's not a bad look, really.

I am creating...a Christmas masterpiece for my sister's tree. I hope she likes unicorns. And twisty-ties.

I am run away to Wisconsin. I want to anyway. Note to self: Call Summer about running away to Wisconsin.

I am reading...Living the Resurrection by Eugene H. Peterson of "The Message" fame. It's interesting. Thought-provoking. And I see a theme as God's sovereignty directs my reading. I've disagreed a time or two in these first 42 pages, which may prompt an email to the author. You never know. He might send a response. If he's a real man. ;) Totally kidding.

I am find the right words. I am also hoping for matching dishes and silverware because I can't take much more of this.

On my mind...regrets. Kind of a downer, but at least I'm honest?

I am hearing...Tim Hawkins. He is in my kitchen at this very moment.

Around the house...are lots of projects and lots of little things I love. Like my wrought iron pig with wings. He is adorable.

One of my favorite things...platters. Strange, I know.

A few plans for the rest of the week...writing an outline, Christmas Gathering, baking cookies and making carmels with my Sophcat, and a few other things.

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manda said...

Up from the grave it rose!!!