Thursday, August 19, 2010

Currently at the top of My Favorite Things...

1. My green Keens. My feet are so in love. I already fantasize about having another pair and which color/style I would choose, which is ridiculous for me to even entertain because they are so stinkin' expensive. Doesn't that prove it's true love? That I would risk sound stewardship for

2. allows me to write the way I talk...or at least make the works in my head at least.

3. Uncle Wendell's BBQ. Where have you been all my life, Wendell?

4. Marty Casey. This is the closest I will ever get to being one of those crazed Beatles fans. And, technically, I'm over it. But youTube has a way of dredging up the past and I unashamedly admit to watching every single Marty Casey video from RockStar:INXS the other day. I don't care about his other videos. I don't really care about Marty Casey either, but man I loved that show when it aired.

5. Unflooded basements. They're the cat's meow.

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