Thursday, January 29, 2009


I had no idea there were comments from Manda, Mom and someone named Roxanne.

I don't quite know why I can't get into this blogger thing. Maybe it's the time required. Maybe it's because I tend to shy away from the lastest craze and blogging has certainly become that. Maybe I smell a faint odor of narcissism and it repels me. *laugh*

I started a blogger so that I could post on someone else's blogger while they were away. Then I used it a couple of times to respond to Mara, my very computer-y daughter. I will admit I've attempted some posts that I ended up trashing for various reasons. Just wasn't feeling it. Maybe I just need more of a reason to do it regularly.

For the record, I do not like the way this blog looks. It's just all wrong. *laugh*

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