Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life is good...

Little bits of loveliness slash hilarity from this past week...

Panera with Sophie Joy...just the two of us.

Chocolate ice cream for breakfast. [/confession]

Origami hearts by Mara. Also zebras, unicorns and gorillas. Yes, gorillas. Gorillas with irregular curvature of the spine.

Half-price Blizzards at DQ.

Ballard basketball.

Lunch with girlfriends. Dinner with old friends and new.

Me: Ian, can you please load these dishes?
Ian: Can it wait a few minutes? I'm reading to the cats.

A girlfriend that takes time out of her busy life to take MY little girl to lunch. [/blessed]

The first paragraph of The Flames of Rome. It's all the further I've gotten in five attempts. Yes, I said "paragraph". Not to be mistaken for "chapter".

Unconventional cootie-catchers, compliments of Sophie.

A husband that remembers our first kiss like it was yesterday. Which is exactly as it should be.

Leo's use of "lmao" while having no idea what it means. No, Leo, it does not mean "lame-o".

Marabelle browsing It's going to be lovely, dear one.

Ten pounds of potatoes peeled by Ian without missing a single Family Force 5 beat.

A dad that is willing to stand by his little girl. Even when she is 39 years old.

Goodnight hugs from freshly showered 11 year old boys.

Listening to Mara watch "Psych" online. She really does giggle. A lot sometimes.

I should stop now. Really. *smile*

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