Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It is what it is...

I'd love to fashion this into something artful or poetic or useful. But I'm afraid that is not going to happen. *laugh* I love other formats I see on blogger. I love the way other people write and the things they choose to post. It's interesting insight into who they are as people and I love that.

So here is my day with some of my ponderings. I'm not going to list the everyday things. Some things are just a given in our life, so I won't take the time.

I ate a creme horn. Somehow that sentence sounds awkward in my head even though it is grammatically sound and all.

I read another chapter from The Excellent Wife and highlighted and chicken-scratched all over it. One could teach a very practical and possibly life-changing class with this material. That excites me.

I tried to convince Walt Rollman to wear a dress through several humorous emails exchanged. This will not be funny to anyone who doesn't know Walt Rollman. I enjoy that man.

I made homemade Hamburger Helper today. As in, nothing came from a box of any sort. A bag and some cans, yes. A box, no. Ian loves this stuff. The onions are very, very tiny. *squints eyes to try seeing the onions*

I went to bed at 10:30 last night. Didn't even get through the first paragraph of The Flames of Rome. It's gonna happen one day. I can feel it.

I woke up at 4:21. Earlier than that, actually, but that was the first I looked at the clock. I did lay on the couch for a nap at about 6:30. Slept until 8:00ish. I am starting to not feel as sleep-deprived, but I hate taking a nap each morning. Shifts our entire day. Oh, well. I'm not willing to die young and 4-5 hours of sleep each night would send me to an early grave. Do that for two years and see if you don't have a difficult time concentrating. *laugh*

Chad's playlist is awesome. I want to explore the music of Jeremy Riddle because Sweetly Broken is an amazing song. I can hear Marabelle singing it. Someone said they both do a "fuzzy thing" with their voices. Anyway, great playlist. I love my brother-in-law. He did eat my sister's flying chip after all.

Sophie's little clay creatures have been fired and they are adorable. I should post a picture. She is also creating a chess set. Can't wait to see that.

I think we're going to basketball. I think.



Brian said...

You posted! lolz

"Someone" sounds like a most excellent fellow in every way imaginable, and should totally be a voice judge. Like on American Idol.

Chad said...

Thanks on the comments ... Ive got tons of new stuff I have acquired from various sources. My most FAVORITE right now is some worship music by Jason Upton. Oh man it wrecks me every time I listen to it. Kim Walker is another that I really like right now. I think both you can listen to on the net.