Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today in Words...

Three posts in one day. I know. Weird. But I'm not sleepy and I have some things swimming in my brain.

*I am reading So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore. Very good so far. Read something today that was exactly the truth I need. I love it when that happens.

*I made granola today. My kids are excited.

*All prepared for Bible study. It's one of my favorite feelings.

*Also sort of reading Captivating. "Sort of" because I don't have a copy. Both Mara and Sophie are reading it right now and I occasionally snag one of their copies and do some reading of my own. It resonates. Enough that I am pondering/praying over inviting some people to officially read it with me.

*Little Caesar's has come to Ames. This makes me happy. Crazy Bread makes me happy.

*I am having some painful back issues. Grrrrr. I wish I didn't have such high tolerance for pain and discomfort. It makes it difficult for me to discern when it's time to see a doctor.

*An internet friend from New Zealand has lost a tremendous amount of weight and now he is appearing on local talk shows. I am so excited for him. His name is Kepa Tairua. And I know how to pronouce it correctly.

*I think I grow attachments to people too easily. Or something like that. I don't know any other way to be, though. Lord, show me my heart in this and then if need be replace it with Yours.

*I love menu planning. I used to do it every week on a website for stay at home moms. Tomorrow we are having frozen pizza because there is a basketball game. Frozen pizza is not so compelling. *laugh*

Sleep needs me now.


manda said...

Chad loves Little Caesars. They have one on the south side I think. He eats lunch there on a regular basis.

Beth Moore rocks.

Granola rocks.

I have Captivating...or did I give it to you already?

You should go to the Dr. for your back.

Kepa...sounds like a tea.

I don't think growing attachments it a bad thing unless you are a stalker.

I actually menu planned this week! yay for me!!

Rick said...

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with back pain. I specialize in treating chronic pain and help many people with back pain. In my experience, it is common that people with bulging or herniated discs, stenosis, spondylolisthesis and other diagnoses can still relieve their pain. I help them achieve this by correcting the functional roots of their pain. I am not necessarily reversing these diagnoses but instead correcting the source of their pain. The two are often independent of each other. Here’s a little 1-minute test to help your readers understand, what could be a fundamental cause of their chronic back pain.
Lie down on your back for 30 seconds with legs extended out, resting on the floor. Now bend your knees so the feet are sitting flat on the floor near your behind for 30 seconds. Which one feels better? If your back pain diminishes with knees bent then your spine has excessive extension stress acting on it. There are simple exercises to correct this. If your spine felt better with legs extended then you have excessive flexion stress acting on your spine. Again this is easily correctable.
Without getting into too much detail, chronic pain results from a cycle of issues. Anatomical problems feed biomechanical issues which then affect movement habits that reinforce the original anatomical and biomechanical problems. Fixing back pain requires attention to all three levels. It's often quite simple to correct though once the root causes are understood. This is outlined in my book. I’ve also posted this 1-minute back pain test on YouTube, if you’re interested.
Rick Olderman