Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Current Stream of Consciousness

I am just going to let it tumble out freely with no restrictions. I apologize in advance for where that may take us...*laugh*

The latest I Can't Believe It's Not Butter ad campaign has got to be the most ridiculous thing on television. Seriously? Is this for real?

I miss my Grams. Would it be completely wrong to ditch my husband and children and hitch a ride to her farm with my parents? Over Easter weekend? Maybe we should just all go. The farm could boast a pretty awesome Easter egg hunt, that's for sure.

Something is wrong with my neck.

I may regret typing that last thing.

Pancakes. They are awesome. For some reason, I want to eat some with butter and raspberry syrup. Right now. It's OK, though, because there are no pancakes OR raspberry syrup here.

I like Gerard Butler.

I don't like our current educational system. What a farce. A soul-extinguishing, family-destroying corruption. There. I said it. I don't feel quite this strongly on most days, but I'm posting this TODAY and I did say I was going to let tumble out in its most natural state.

I think I would like to do some crafts with the boys tomorrow. Maybe watercolor painting. Or pastel drawing. Something.

I have two daughters going to prom this year. I am excited for them. They are going to have so much fun dressing up and I am glad they get to go together.

It's very late now.

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